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The Chesterfield Chamber has teamed up with MPWRPeople to help individuals who are in the implementation stage of entrepreneurship.

  • Did you know that a business plan can help businesses grow 30% faster?
  • Some studies have shown that companies that had 92% growth in sales from one year to the next, typically have plans.
  • In fact, 71% of fast-growing companies have business plans.  Statistics prove that business plans matter.
  • Also, according to a study by Small Business Economics, entrepreneurs that take the time to create a plan for their business idea are 152% more likely to start their business.

Bootcamp Courses will be held quarterly virtually. Each Course includes 2 hours of course time, 1 hour of peer group support, and 1 hour of advisory support.

Participants can select the courses they need to boost their business growth. However, we recommend taking all four courses since this will allow you to develop a written business plan and give you access to our incentive packages. 

Enrollment is required and closes the week before each course. Six seats are available per course – first come; first served. 

Course Schedule:

  • Success Planning – November 1st, 2023
  • Marketing Planning – February 7th, 2024
  • Cash Flow Planning – May 1st, 2024
  • Operations Planning – TBD

For those who complete the Business Growth Bootcamp, further support will be offered through the Chesterfield Chamber and MPWRPeople.

Non-profit PRICE:
$250 per class plus $50.00 for the book

For-profit PRICE:
$300 per class plus $50.00 for the book

To find out how to enroll, sponsor, or make an offer to graduates, please contact: Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A.
(804) 878-2055 |

The Chesterfield Chamber Business Growth Bootcamp, led by Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A., founder of MPWRPeople, utilizes the Core Four Business Planning Course®, which is comprised of four workshops:

  • Success Planning – Success Planning presents tools for self-assessment, financial goal setting, boundary setting, communication skills, selling skills, and contingency planning.  The student will prepare their “business owner” resume and personal financial plan.  Success Planning is also threaded throughout the course with instruction and exercises for teaching students about due diligence, raising their self-awareness about their wants and needs, the business wants and needs, their role in the business, business ethics, and business legitimacy.
  • Market Planning – Market Planning presents tools and strategies for transforming a dream into a reality of a market-driven business including identifying customers, analyzing competition and industry, identifying a market niche and position, options for distributing products and services, identifying features and benefits of products and services, image and packaging decisions, promotional planning, pricing, selling, social media, and contingency planning.  Market Planning stresses the importance of focusing on matching the business owner’s dream with the needs and wants of customers and interacting in a competitive marketplace.
  • Cash Flow Planning – Cash Flow Planning presents detailed strategies for preparing a cash flow projection, projecting sales, setting goals, and contingency planning.  It focuses on helping students understand that the business and the person are separate economic entities.  Cash Flow Planning helps clarify personal financial needs from the financial needs of the business.
  • Operations Planning – Operations Planning presents key issues and strategies for having a legitimate business, compliance with all legal requirements, and effective business operations.  It helps identify what work must be done, how all the work will be done, and who will do the work.  Operations Planning helps students identify the various “hats” a business owner must wear and how to stay focused.

The Core Four Business Planning Course® will be the text for the course.  English and soon Spanish texts are available.

Not only does the Business Growth Bootcamp use a proven business planning educational curriculum, Core Four, the Bootcamp incorporates peer group coaching, led by a certified coach, and advisory board support services, led by experienced business owners and leaders.  The Bootcamp is focused on helping each student achieve a successful roadmap for their business, as well as a plan that lenders and investors will consider seriously