Membership Policy

We are grateful for your continued investment in the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Cancellation: To cancel your membership, members must give the Chamber staff written notice before the automatic renewal date. If a monthly membership needs to be canceled before the renewal date, the remainder will be invoiced immediately.
  2. Membership Expiration: Effective December 1, 2023, membership invoices will have no grace periods. If your invoice is not paid within 30 days, your membership access will be suspended, including login permissions for events and discounts. Upon receipt of membership payment, access to all member benefits will be restored.
  3. Mandatory Automatic Payments: To simplify the process, starting January 1, 2024, all monthly memberships must use automatic payments via ACH or stored credit card.
  4. Late Payments: If membership has lapsed or been canceled, members must pay all past dues and current fees before their account is in good standing.
  5. Annual Commitment: All Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce memberships are for 12-month commitments, even if you choose monthly payments. Only at renewal can you adjust your membership by dropping midyear or lowering your level. If you are a monthly member, this means the date you initially joined. For annual members, your commitment is for the entire year, and you can only make changes to your membership during the renewal period.
  6. Nonrefundable: Membership with the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce is nonrefundable.
  7. Pausing: It is only possible to temporarily suspend memberships at the time of the membership’s renewal.

Luncheon Policy

  1. Member Prepaid Ticket Deadline: Starting December 1, 2023, all attendees using prepaid luncheon tickets must register by 2 p.m. on the Monday preceding the Luncheon. After this time, the prepaid registration option will close, and members must purchase their ticket at the member rate.
  2. No-Show Policy: To be better stewards of resources, in the event of a third consecutive no-show without prior notification, a charge will be applied to the account for the price of a member lunch ticket. We urge all members to honor their commitments to attend or notify us within 48 hours of their absence.
  3. Late Registration Rates: Please note that registrations submitted after 2 p.m. on the Monday before the Luncheon will be subject to an increased registration fee. We encourage our members to register before this time so that the Chamber can accurately account for the expected number of guests in our planning arrangements.
  4. Walk-In Rate: Individuals who walk in without registering will be charged a $60 fee to attend lunch.