Tanja Brown

Chesapeake Bank, WBC Chair

The Women’s Business Council

The Women’s Business Council is an influential group of professional women striving to build successful businesses within Chesterfield County through collaborative initiatives, education, and networking. Our focus is to empower and mentor each other personally and professionally while giving back to our community.

When: Committee planning, third Wednesday of the month 11-12pm

Chair: Tanja Brown, Chesapeake Bank

Chamber Staff Liaison: Abby Choi for more information

Interested in Joining the Committee?

Welcome to the Women’s Business Council!

We are a group of professional women (and a few male advocates) with a mission to provide a safe space for women to connect, engage, and empower each other.  Our members strive to build successful business and relationships in Chesterfield County through collaborative initiatives, education, and networking.  We are here to empower and mentor one another personally and professionally while continuously contributing to the community.

Through regular programming we provide valuable opportunities for skill development, networking, and relationship building.  Join our team and help us reach new heights!

Our program offerings include:

  • BREW: Breakfast meetings that offer a topical and empowering presentation as well as an opportunity for coffee and conversation with new and old friends.
  • ConnectHER Conference: This is an inspiring day of presentations, relationship building, and women lifting each other up. A dynamic set of speakers offers a truly engaging day!
  • Evening Socials: Let’s celebrate!  This is a gathering of women for networking and celebration of each other and recent successes.

The Women’s Business Council needs your support and your time.  The more women working together, the better our council will be.  Volunteer opportunities within the committee include:

  • Chair: The Chair leads the committee to provide valuable experiences for chamber members. They are responsible for all WBC events and report to the Chamber.
  • Vice Chair: The Vice Chair assists the Chair and directly oversees programming for WBC.
  • Marketing Chair:
  • Programming Chair:
  • Engagement Chair: The Engagement Chair is responsible for driving engagement with WBC as well as develop networking games/ice breakers for meetings.
  • Members: Members help support the mission of WBC by attending committee meetings and providing insight, thought, and connection to chamber members.

As Chair, my main goal for this year is to drive more opportunities for women to connect and support one another.  Let’s share stories, successes and failures, and learn from one another as we strive to be better citizens for Chesterfield County.  I am here to support you and your needs as professionals and as a woman.  We have an amazing committee already working towards providing valuable resources and events in 2023, but we need you too.  Share with us your thoughts and needs for this year and allow us to support you.  Complete the survey below so we can continue to build a robust list of opportunities for you and other women throughout the Chamber and Chesterfield County.